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Gary Berck

Spouse: Lorrie

Children: Carla, Belinda, Kyle, Shelly

Occupation: Farming

Employer: Self-employed

Racing Experience: Raced a hobby stock in the 70's (1962 chevy) & 1 season of drag racing in Savannah, GA-won with a 1962 Chevy 348 with 3 carbs.

Team Responsibilities: Engine maintenance, gearing, fuel, etc.


Belinda Strobel

Spouse: Steve Strobel

Children: Stephanie Elizabeth, Christian Clark

Occupation: Bookkeeper

Employer: Strobel Construction Unlimited, Inc

Racing Experience: Helped Kyle and Dad race karts: tires, line-ups, timing

Team Responsibilities: Tire stagger, line-ups, record keeping, timing, car cosmetics, etc.



Stacy Berck

Spouse: Kyle

Children: Abby, Kaity, Ryan

Occupation: Mom

Years In Racing: 4

Racing Experience: None

Team Responsibilities: Water & Food for crew, Lineups, Team website updates



Lorrie Berck

Spouse: Gary Berck

Children:  Carla, Belinda, Kyle, and Shelly

Team Responsibilities:  organizing and cleaning the truck



Tharin Peters

Spouse: Brenda

Children: Kyle, Kayla

Occupation: Farming

Employer: Mamot Feedlot

Racing Experience: Crew member for a sportsman, another late model driver, and now a crew member for Kyle.

Team Responsibilities: Mechanic (whatever the team needs)


Brad Poland

Occupation: Territory Management

Employer: ExxonMobil

Racing Experience: Started helping Kyle in High School and been friends ever since.

Team Responsibilites: Tires, Mechanic (whatever the team needs)



Mike Diercks

Spouse: Cathy

Children: Nikki, Shelby

Occupation: Purchasing Cordinator/Buyer

Employer: Nebraska Energy

Racing Experience: Helping Phil Kempt and Kyle

Team Responsibilities: Helping with whatever needs done



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